Drama Games in Park City!!

We had some much fun in the Park City project, facilitating and learning new games and activities from one and other.

One of our many drama circles:


Walking around the room when the floor has turned to honey!!


Making a machine with our bodies and sounds


Creating a giant snake with our bodies!


Playing the ‘revelation’ game! This involved dividing the group into 2 and holding up a blanket between the groups. While this was happening, the groups would nominate one person to sit at the front of the group. When the blanket was dropped, the first person to say the other person’s name would be the winner! This was an excellent way to both learn and refresh our knowledge of everyone’s names!


The revelation game soon developed into freeze frames! The facilitators would give the groups a title of a still image, give them a few seconds and then drop the blanket to reveal the groups’ images! This was such a fun way to work in a team to create many different components/parts.

One team being a pirate ship!


One team being ‘theatre’ !


Safe Space Project

This week in Safe Space, we worked on making puppets – with a haunted theme!

Each session we created a different aspect of the puppet, which were then lovingly put together by team of participants, Facilitators and Inspirers.

Recipe for Ghost Puppets:

1) Take One Balloon and blow it up! (You can ask an adult for help if it’s tricky to tie the balloon)

2) Make Paper Mache mix: Two Parts Flour, One Part Water, One Part PVA Glue

3) Rip up strips of newspaper, coat in paper Mache and stick to your balloon!

4) Wait to dry and repeat with a second layer!


5) Get a large white bed sheet and cut into sizeable squares to make the ghost body

6) Decorate these squares however you want! Be creative!

IMG_0268 IMG_0264

5) Take a white styrofoam ball for the head. Decorate it to make your character unique! Add googly eyes, hair, glitter glue, whatever you would like!


6) Hand over to an adult for them to attach the puppet together with a hot glue gun and yarn

7) Experiment with your puppet and create a character! How does it move? Is it friendly? Is it scary? What is it’s name?


We had a lot of fun making short scenes and introducing our puppets to everyone!

Alexa and Hannele


First few days….

CPC! 2015 kicked off yesterday to a creative whirlwind of a day!

We began with making some gorgeous name tags to stick on the wall to really make the space our own!

Here are a just a few:

IMG_0151 IMG_0152 IMG_0153


We needed to be able to put a face to the name tags, so we played ‘Budge’ – which is now a group favourite – to really get to know everyone!


The rest of the day followed with super fun, exciting games, which really got everyone’s blood pumping and brains engaged!

We can’t wait to see what the rest of the week has in store!


Alexa and Hannele xxx



Getting to know the team!

On Saturday, the team of Inspirers and facilitators for CPC! 2015 met for the first time!

We met at the Egyptian Theatre in the Edwina room (which is apparently haunted?! fun!)

We began by talking in pairs about what sort of animal we would be if we could! We then made each other a piece of art based on those animals. The art varied from more interpretive conceptual stuff, to wings, masks and trees! It was all rather beautiful. IMG_0276 IMG_0280


Here we are in our pairs with our art:

IMG_0284 IMG_0288 IMG_0289 IMG_0285 IMG_0286 IMG_0287


We then played a few games and found out more about the project.


We left very excited for the weeks to come!


Love Hannele and Alexa xxx

Welcome to CPC! 2015


Before we get into the exciting nitty gritty, a few introductions!

We are Alexa Wynschenk and Hannele Lewis-Anthony and we are MA Applied Theatre students from The Royal Central School of Speech and Drama. If anyone is wondering what Applied Theatre is, there are MANY definitions, but here is our favourite: Helen Nicholson

Here is a picture of us are showing the love.

(Alexa on the left and Hannele on the right)

Alexa and ME

A little bit about us:


Hi! I’m Hannele, I’m English (my accent unfortunately doesn’t make it’s way onto the blog, what a shame) and my work mainly revolves around working with young people. I believe all young people should have the chance to experience and learn about/with the arts. My previous projects have been in various primary schools in London and with theatre companies such as The Little Angel Theatre. I was lucky enough to get funding from The Leverhulme Trust to come work here, and I’m really excited to get to know Park City and do some hiking!


Hi I’m Alexa and I’m from Boston originally, but I’m a nomad by choice. My work focusses on Body Image and creating theatre around those themes with young people. I am also passionate about education and literature as my undergrad degrees were in theatre and English Teaching. I am super excited to be here in Utah to learn alongside the young people involved in CPC! After this project, I am moving to Denver to pursue a teaching career; I would also love to start my own theatre company for young people. Excited to be here and to start the fun!

Looking forward to an exciting creative adventures ahead!

Alexa and Hannele xxx

What are we doing?

Magical powers.  Capsizing rowboats. Orangutans called Martin. CPC! 2014 is almost over, and boy have we seen some impressive creativity come to life.  We’re all feeling pretty syked to go to the Egyptian Theatre tomorrow after a fun day of dancing robots and puppet play. We just can’t stop playing!

Our last safe space activity rounded off the project with a group effort in creating the sign that spelled out Connect, Play, Create !(exclamation included of course!) Which is going to be hung in the theatre over our relocated safe space. By now, most of the young people knew EXACTLY what their preferred medium of crafting was and quickly produced some wonderful lettering that really reflected their personalities. There was even a mustache on the “T” of “connect”. We really do love a good mustache at CPC!


We got in the spirit of the “future” today and danced like it was the year 3000. Just kidding, it’s not the year 3000 yet.  Anyway… we put on some music and asked our young people in pairs to be a robot and a controller. The controller operated the robot by tapping different limbs to get them to dance, and two taps to stop. By the middle of the activity, there were lots of interesting shapes being thrown about, with swinging arms accompanied by jumping legs and by the end, we had some pretty exhausted robots! The young people really thought about the variety of ways they could move their bodies in time to the music.  Rock on.


Boogie Bots!


What are you doing? This is the question we asked each other in this playful improvisation game. Responding quickly to the question, the participants thought up imaginative, alternate actions for the next participant to do.  We were amazed and extremely proud of our team, who really gave it their all during the game, and convincingly physicalised their gestures. This was received with much giggling from the rest of the group, with young people rolling around on the floor laughing.


CPC! will go forth to the Wonderful Egyptian Theatre to  share and celebrate their work with all the other Youtheatre participants. Let’s see what tomorrow brings!



Knock Knock. Who’s there?

Working out their music story…*scribble scribble*

So after a slightly different day yesterday, today brought new faces to our group.  We welcomed three new participants and even three new inspirers, as well as an odd flurry of snow (IN JUNE!).  But that didn’t stop us building on the work we had done last week.

Playing the old favourite ‘Budge’ we quickly got to know our new friends and they were super quick at getting stuck in.  The fast action number game ‘7up’, which we introduced yesterday, also went down a treat.  With more people came more focus and  a wealth of new tactics.  They were able to pick the speed right up and try and catch each other out.

Building from last weeks encounter with music, we re-played the funky favoured song and moved around the room the way the song made us feel.  It really created a wonderfully silly atmosphere and some of the young people showed some impressive moves.  Even the sprinkler dance move made an appearance today!

Funky moves.
The Sprinkler

As our family grows larger and larger, with new participants and puppets, we see new friendships building and confidence growing, and silliness blooming.

We shall leave you today with a joke told by one of our marvelous puppets, Mr Mustache…IMGP0679

Knock Knock.

Who’s there?


Radio who?…


A plan B kind of day

Sometimes things don’t work out to plan. That doesn’t mean, of course, that they don’t work out. Today, we only had three participants: the combination of the start of a new week, a change in the start time of the session and who knows what other factors meant that most of the young people, who were supposed to be starting a new summer camp programme this morning and then coming to CPC! in the afternoon, hadn’t been seen at all today. Mysterious.

As a result, we scrapped our plans for a sequence of whole-group devising exercises and decided on a slightly shorter session. We made Explorer badges in the Safe Space (and one person, who wasn’t here on Friday, had time to make their own paper bag puppet) and had lots of fun playing games, as well as introducing our puppets, letting them talk about themselves a little bit to the rest of the group and even heard them tell some jokes…

As usual, our fantastic team of Inspirers made the young people feel comfortable and I think everyone forgot that we were a smaller group today.

Here are some close-ups of just a few of the beautiful puppets the group made on Friday and today. We’ll be back in touch soon to update you on how things are going!

Half way there.

Wow wee what an explosive and exciting first week of the CPC! project. It’s been incredible to see how far the young people have come in such a short space of time.  This week has been filled with howling animals, participants eager to join in and a depleted art supply.

And Friday was just the icing on this colourful cake.

SAMSUNG CAMERA PICTURESWhat really took us by surprise was the energy with which the young people attacked the Safe Space activity.  All they were given was a brown paper bag (which was pretty dull) and it was up to them to create a CPC! puppet character from whatever the table provided.  Using as much glue, glitter and feathers as possible they not only created wonderful cats, dogs, wizards, butterflies and many other creatures, but they brought them to life as well.  SAMSUNG CAMERA PICTURESThere was much activity as they acted through their puppets giving them silly voices, personalities and the ability to cast magic spells.  (Luckily they knew how to reverse the toad spell too, phew! ) They played and explored their own imaginative world, sharing it with each other.

Every now and then we can get caught up in the noise of a workshop.   However, being still and listening, thinking about the way music makes us feel can inspire new ideas.  Sometimes when we listen to music stories can form in our heads.  Picking their own space and responding to the three pieces of music played, the young people found words and pictures to describe the music.  Shared in small groups, they discovered similarities and differences between them, and what might arise from these ideas.









But where will this all go? Who knows, but we are certainly looking forward to more fun and games and mustaches.

Let week 2 begin…


We’ve created a monster!

safe space activity
Today’s Safe Space work in progress

We’ve all been part of what can only be described as a creative explosion today. Or maybe a firework display. You get the idea.

In the Safe Space, we all got crafty with a collective Zentangle-inspired activity, which will eventually be displayed as a cloud next to our already heavily-laden tree.

But it was in the creative workshop part of the session that everyone really let their imaginations run wild.

Firstly, we added an extra twist to a game we played earlier in the week, where, to cut a long story short, two people from opposing teams tried to make each other laugh. Not as easy as you’d think! There were some lovely moments where our young people, facilitators and Inspirers spent minutes just looking at each other. It was also noticeable how comfortable the group have become with each other in only a few days.

Following on from a little bit of playful physical work in yesterday’s workshop, we then got into small groups and used our bodies to create moving images of boats caught in hurricanes, castles with princesses and scary guards and trees with a range of animals playing in their branches.

making shapes


And some super scary monsters.

We finished the session with a couple of high-energy games to shake it out – but even the firm favourite, Budge, featured crazy, raucous monkeys with everyone getting totally engrossed in both the game and their particular monkey character. Brilliant.

That’s all for now. Sorry, I mustache…

Our brilliant Inspirers, (l-r) Emma, Lauren and Jessica, rocking the latest in pipe-cleaner facial hair